The following is some of the most common questions we receive regarding our site and services:

..Questions About Business

What kind of advertising do you have? How much does it cost?

Check out our business ads pricing.

Our business does not have a web site, can we advertise through your site?

Of course ! Just Add Your Business

..Questions From Individuals ...

Is there any way that I could get an e-mail everyday telling me my horoscope instead of going through your site?

Sure. Sign up our Mailing List and we'll do the rest. There are four choices for signing up, they are as follow:
1.) Horoscopes,
2.) Lottery,
3.) Weather, and

4.) Latest news from our site.
It is easy to unsubscribe from our site, simply use our contact page and provide your name and e-mail address

How often is your weather forecast updated?

Every hour. [Yes we know the weather in NS and PEI changes every 5 minutes]

What if I have comments about your site?

You are welcome to comment our site, we love to hear any suggestion and concern you may have to improve our site. [contact]


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