Much has changed since Advanced Business Interiors first opened its doors in 1989, today’s offices barely resemble their predecessors and the old grey steel office furniture is giving way to bright colours, soft fabrics and warm lighting. While trend setters say it speaks volumes about the work force employers are trying to attract, those living and breathing these trends are inspired to share this creativity. Through two decades of such impressive diversity, ABI has been at the cusp of this evolution. Once a small start-up, now a team of over one hundred employees boasting a 78,000sq ft facility, modern showroom, remanufacturing division, quality and environmental process certifications, rental and storage services and a wider range of offerings to satisfy every customer need. Whether you’re a small business, enterprise, government department, educator or health care provider – ABI has solutions created just for you. And as Advanced Business Interiors grows and adapts with change, our corporate culture, determination, operational flexibility, environmental responsibility and commitment to Make Space Work will prevail. Thank you for the last twenty years, we look forward to the next.

Civic Address:  2355 St. Laurent
Ottawa, ON
Postal Address:  2355 St. Laurent
Ottawa, ON
Website:   Visit our Website
E-mail:   Contact Us
Phone:   613-738-1003
Fax:   6137387206
Category:  Office Supplies - Furniture


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